Scorpio (Oct24/Nov22)


Forecasts for October to December 2010

If your birthday falls between Oct 23 – Nov 2

Between the 4th and 9th October Mercury will have influence in your private zone when it is time to catch up on some personal business. The 10th should be cancelled due to its boring nature or lack of interest. Whatever’s being arranged for the day is unlikely to be much of a success. The dull and lifeless scene at work will send the minutes plodding along so wearily they seem like hours. At least the welcoming and loving arms of your partner should revive your spirits in the evenings! A lucky break could come your way later in the month in the shape of a new project that will hold a deep interest for you. Now’s your chance to display your talents and ability in certain fields. Don’t waste it!

There’s a competitive spirit in the air in November and an exhilarating breakthrough will put you way ahead of the competition. Interested in someone romantically? If so, this is a great time to charm them with your wonderful personality and if they’re playing hard to get, you will know exactly how to grab their attention. A shopping spree with a friend will be productive later in the month and you could cover almost every item on your Christmas list without it having been any effort at all.

This will leave you room in December to zero in on your love life, social life and other pleasurable interests. Make the most of the festivities to get to know work mates better. Just watch how much you drink at the office Christmas party or you could reveal too much about your personal life to someone who will use it to their advantage!

If your birthday falls between Nov 3 – 12

Relationships aren’t just fun, they’re bringing so much joy into your life this autumn. Days of agreeable conversations could lead to some serious long-term plans being agreed. The 21st October could bring a sudden clash of viewpoints. This is all because of someone new having just joined your circle. If this person seems to be bringing a lot of discord with them, should you really be as friendly as you are being towards them? After all, everything was fine until they came onto the scene, so why make them feel so welcome?

As October ends you could take on a sizeable project and as challenging as this may be, you will have it in you to make a success of it. An envious friend will throw cold water on your enthusiasm but their resentment will hardly bother you at all! Their comments will be like water off a duck’s back!

November’s going to bring even more responsibilities for you to shoulder. Just think about the financial advantages and you will be happy to take these on. From mid November your social life will start to blossom. Casual encounters and specific social invitations will keep you busy during your free-time hours.

Between the 6th and 21st December, Mars in your communication zone will have influence over your natal Sun. This should be yet another fast-moving month. So you shouldn’t really have to wait too long before the action begins. Any time before the 23rd will be ideal for new starts, then the remainder of the month will give you the chance to devote a good percentage of your time to this new venture.

If your birthday falls between Nov 13 – 22

No one can resist your charm and natural animal magnetism this autumn. Just a smile from you and you will have people falling over like ninepins! Retrograde Uranus in your 5th house in October could bring an old lover back into your life or you and your lover might visit the place you first met. If you’re starting a new business or social exercise you could get some unexpected publicity. Use this to your advantage.

Saturn in your 12th house will have influence over your natal Sun during November and it could well be that an older person is working behind-the-scenes on your behalf. If someone reveals how much they have done for you and what this could mean for you, be sure to show your gratitude. Even if at first you might resent the way they have taken over your life. Or how they’ve just taken some matters into their own hands without any asking, eventually you will realise they had your best interests at heart and it could be they actually do know what you need more than you do yourself!

Jupiter and Uranus in your 5th house will be connecting with your natal Sun in December. Lucky career or business developments will seem too good to turn away from. Once you do hesitate you might wonder whether they will be of any personal value. It could be a friend or work mate will benefit from opportunities more than you this December in which case – be sure to inform them of what’s going on so they get the chance to show their interest.